Why Choose Pookt As Your

Pet Waste Removal Service?

Why Choose Pookt As Your Pet Waste Removal Company?

Pookt is the ONLY Pet Waste Removal Service Company in the lower mainland that collects your pet waste in plastic bags and separates them into recyclable products rather than filling landfills. We are committed to providing reliable, professional, and affordable pet waste removal services. Our business model allows us to offer low rates for pet waste collection while maintaining high standards. This ensures you receive outstanding service with added value and comfort while being environmentally responsible.

Pet Waste Removal Service Company
  1. Year round Pet Waste Removal Services – let us take away the problem responsibly and make your yard and community a safe place.
  2. Low cost – We offer competitive rates for collection.
  3. Designated schedule to meet your needs – we offer once a week, bi-weekly and monthly collections – your choice.
  4. Environmentally responsible – waste is recycled into useable products – rather than filling landfills with potentially toxic materials.
  5. Friendly and Professional Staff – Our team members are friendly and dog-lovers by nature.
  6. WE CARE – if you are not happy with the service you receive, simply notify our office and we will do all we can to make it right.
  7. Pookt Products – Our vision is to produce a product line that assists you with the pick up of pet waste and recycling, eliminating it from the landfill and turning it into a usable product.

The Problem With Poop In Our Landfills

  1. Health hazards to municipal waste workers from the bacteria, viruses and parasites they collect and transport.
  2. Contamination of soils and waterways should the pet waste leach into the water table.
  3. Decomposing pet waste is a source of methane gas.
  4. In most landfills, conditions prevent organic material from decomposing – even if in biodegradable bags.
Problem with dog waste in landfill

The Problem with Pet Waste in Your Yard

  1. Pet waste is not fertilizer – it is toxic to your lawn, causing burns and unsightly discoloration. Dog’s high protein based diet create very acidic waste product damaging your yard.
  2. Pet waste is harmful to humans – especially children and seniors with weaker immune systems. One gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. It can lead to cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness and serious kidney disorders in humans. Pet waste can spread salmonella and Giardia.
  3. Pet waste spreads parasites and viruses to your pet and other pets. Pet waste is one of the most common carriers of heartworms, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworm, parvo, corona, cryptosporidiosis and campylobacteriosis.

Pet Waste & Dog Poop Removal Service Cost

We provide box, pickup service, and maintenance all for a low annual membership price of $49.99!

When your box is full pickups which occur weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cost only $8.95 per pickup!

Dog Poop Removal Service Cost
Dog Poop Removal Bin
Pet Waste Removal Service Cost

Pet Waste Removal Service In The Vancouver Area – We Recycle Pet Poop In Plastic Bags