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Pet Waste Recycling & Collection Company

We pick up your pet waste right from your front door.

Pet Waste Recycling & Collection Service

Love your pets but not the poop? Do you wish someone would come and collect your pet waste each week? You’re not alone! Pookt’s pet waste pickup service has hundreds of clients who hire us to come by once a week.

Pookt is the ONLY Pet Waste Recycling Company in Vancouver that collects your pet waste in plastic bags and separates them into recyclable products.  We even provide you with this handy pet waste container to keep the smells out of your front porch.


The BIG Problem With Pet Waste

  1. Pet Waste is NOT fertilizer – It’s actually very toxic to plants & your lawn. It can cause burn marks & ugly discoloration. This is because your pet’s high protein diet creates a very acidic waste product that will damage your lawn.
  2. Pet waste can also be harmful to people – Especially young kids & elderly people with weaker immune systems. One gram of pet poop can contain 23,000,000 fecal bacteria. This can lead to problems such as diarrhea, cramps,  intestinal illnesses and serious kidney disorders. Pet waste can also spread salmonella & Giardia.
  3. Pet waste spreads parasites & viruses to your pet and other pets. Pet poop is one of the most common carriers of worms, parvo, cryptosporidiosis and campylo bacteriosis.
  4. The Problem With Poop In Our Landfills:  Pet poop can cause some serious health risks to municipal waste workers as well from the bacteria, viruses and parasites they collect and transport. Once it gets to the landfill and piles up in large quantities it can cause major contamination issues of our soil & water supply. Decomposing pet waste is a source of methane gas which contributes to global warming.

Service Cost

We provide the pet waste bin, collection service, and maintenance all for a low 
Annual Membership Price Of $49.99!

Schedule a pet waste collection service to your choosing:
Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pet waste pickup service cost is
Only $8.95 per pickup!

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