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Pet Waste Recycling

What to do with dog poop in Metro Vancouver?!?  There are over 350,000 dogs in Metro Vancouver that produce dog waste each day.  Where should it go?  In some municipalities in the Lower Mainland such as Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam they suggest to not put it in the garbage but to flush it down the toilet!

Some of the confusion can be attributed to a message on Port Coquitlam’s website, which states putting dog waste in public or private trash cans is not permitted.  The message tells dog owners to pick up the poop in a bag, take it home, and flush it down the toilet, or put it in a composter.

We don’t expect anyone to bag it at the park, take it home, take it out of the bag, and flush it down the toilet– Bill Morrell, manager of media relations, Metro Vancouver

Ron Meyers, manager of parks, planning and design in Port Coquitlam calls the wording a suggestion, rather than an official policy, or bylaw.  Instead  why don’t you recycle your dog waste today with our dog poop collection service!

Keeping dog waste off the ground is important and sanitary.   People walk on paths and parks and no one wants to step or slip in your dog’s waste.   It is not a fertilizer, and does not disappear in the rain.

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Pet waste is listed as prohibited from the region’s garbage so we want to limit the amount of dog waste going to the landfill.

There are a few parks that have special bins for recycling dog poop but it is more convenient to have the service available to you when you get home from walking your dog.  In Vancouver only three parks will be provided bins for disposing of dog waste.

It’s potentially hazardous to people working with garbage that contains dog waste because it produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.  On warm days it smells in bags, the garbage bin and work places. We encourage you to recycle dog poop and plastic today by using our premier  pet waste collection service and we will safely recycle your dog poop and plastic.

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