Do you have dirty dog bags that you want to clean? You must focus on proper cleaning of the bag and maintaining hygiene. So, here’s a 10-step guide to cleaning the bag that will help you. Try these steps if your dog’s backpack is dirty and has a bad smell:

Remove dirt and debris

The first thing that you need to do is to remove the dirt and dust from the bags. For this, you can use a dry cloth that can easily help in removing dust from the bags.

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Vacuum Clean the Bag

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove stubborn dirt and dust from the bag. Sometimes, the dust gets trapped inside the zipper areas. So, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove all this dirt.

Pre-Treat the Stains

It is common to have stains on the dog’s carrier so you must first remove the stains. The stains of urine and feces can be tough to remove, so use the stain remover. Just apply the stain remover on the affected areas of the dog’s carrier and then try to remove it using another piece of cloth.

Clean the Outside of the Bag

Now that you’ve removed the stains, you can start cleaning the outside areas of the bag. You can use any of the cleaner to clean the outside of the bags. This helps in preventing the bag from getting ruined.

Wash in the Machine

The next step that you need to follow is to wash the dog bag in the washing machine. Washing the bags in the washing machine not only helps in quick cleaning but is also effective in cleaning. With this, you will not have to put extra effort into cleaning the bag.

Use Warm Water to Rinse the Odor

Another step in cleaning the dog’s carrier is to rinse away the bag with warm water. This is an effective step for the removal of a pet’s urine odor.

Rinse Twice

If the bag has not been cleaned for a longer time, you need to repeat the rinsing process twice. Also, make sure that you’re using the best-grade cleaning solution for the dog’s backpack.

Dry it Properly

Now, the next step of dog backpack cleaning is proper drying under the sunlight. Drying the bag under direct sunlight helps in removing all the germs and bacteria from the bag.

Use a Disinfectant

Once you’ve performed all these steps, you must follow the next step which involves making the bag clean from bacterial infections. So, use a disinfectant spray to remove all the infestation from the bag.

Spray a Good Freshener

Now, that you’ve cleaned and dried the bag, you can also use a fresher to spray on the Dog’s bag. This helps in maintaining the bag’s life for a longer time.

From the above, it’s clear to keep the dog bag clean and free from infestation. It’s crucial to maintain hygiene when a dog is inside your home. If you’ve any pet waste removal requirements, you can contact POOPKT PET for efficient removal of dog poop and waste.